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We are running an Indian Head Massage Introduction course starting on the 6th May. Spaces are limited, please visit the courses page for more information or follow this link:

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All therapies listed on this website are practiced by us, please contact us if you require any of these therapies.

Complementary Therapies are based upon the treatment of the whole person and in doing so promote self-healing. They are not an alternative to Allopathic Medicine but should be used as a complementary therapy to aid the allopathic approach.

As 75% plus of illness is Stress related a reduction in the Stress alone can promote self-healing and this is one of the prime functions of Complementary Therapies – the reduction of Stress!!

As a qualified tutor in Anatomy and Physiology and the above Complementary Therapies, I am also able to offer classes to practitioner level if required.


For further information please contact:

David M Godfrey, MA, BA, MBS, C Biol, DMS, FIFL, FICHT, Cert Ed. Registered Reiki Master/Teacher

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