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All therapies listed below are practiced by us, please contact us if you require any of these therapies.

The body is mirror imaged on the Feet, Hands, Ears and Face. Reflexology works on the principle that ALL the organs of the body are connected through Zones and Meridians. If a blockage occurs in a Zone or Meridian unless this blockage is removed dis-ease will manifest. Continued dis-ease will result in a physical ailment. The principle behind Reflexology is that by unblocking these blockages, harmony can be restored and self-healing can take place.

Facial Reflexology:

As the name implies is carried out on the face using fingers or blunt probes.

Auricular Reflexology:

The Ears are a mirror image of the foetus in Utero. Again treatment is carried out using fingers or blunt probes.

Hot and Cold Stone Reflexology:

Used as a combination treatment using the Hands and Feet, or as an additional treatment on the face, to enhance a standard Reflexology treatment.


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